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Best managed IT services and support in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

At the heart of Hawthorne, New Jersey, is KMF technologies, an IT services provider for all businesses in the Hawthorne area. KMF Technologies offers a wide variety of IT services to help your business process run efficiently and safely in the world today.

We offer our support service 24/7 so that you can rest easy. For the past fifteen years, we have worked with numerous organizations and companies, offering them service solutions to the difficult problems they face daily. It has been our pleasure to provide various support services in the field of information technology. No matter what your IT needs are, we have you covered.

We proudly support and serve the Hawthorne, New Jersey community’s businesses. Contact us today for data help from one of the best service providers in the world! We know that whether you require cloud help, general IT management, or other software help, we are there to assist in any way we can.

Find out how we offer the best-managed services for cloud, office environments, and general resources for companies in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Business IT Services & Solutions

The team of software and IT consultants at KMF has experience in challenges facing businesses. We employ the most current technology. We specialize in IT services like:

  • network security
  • server virtualization
  • Real-time network monitoring
  • backup and disaster recovery
  • email filtering solutions
  • wireless solutions
  • antivirus solutions
  • hosted and on-premise exchange
  • VPN client and gateway implementation
  • IT guidance, governance, and planning

If your Hawthorne, New Jersey business requires IT services contact our help desk today for a free consultation.

Network Security

From the government to businesses, we are all at risk of hackers who maliciously want to sow chaos everywhere. Can you imagine the lawsuits that would follow if you lost customers’ financial information? If you lost trade secrets belonging to your organization, you might lose business to your competition. Our team evaluates your cybersecurity situation and comes up with the best solution.

Email Filtering Solutions

Were you tired of useless emails spamming your mailbox increasing the probability of missing important business emails? Maybe you have been a victim of phishing. To prevent it, opt for our email filtering solutions to have a spam-free mailbox. All your emails pass through a filter. And all spam is blocked while phishing emails are put in quarantine for your perusal. You get to release them once you are sure they are safe. To support your office email challenges, contact our help desk, and our team will gladly offer you support.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless technologies are the backbone of any IT company. Wireless solutions help minimize cost and increase efficiency as they offer mobility and fast connectivity. And once we set up your wireless connections, you can forget about them.

Backup and disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster like a fire, the most valuable asset you have is information. Data is invaluable, and insurance may cover other assets, but if data is lost, it can cripple you. We offer daily backup and continuous backup, depending on the type of business. This service is crucial for any business, large or small. You never know when disaster may strike, do not be caught unaware, protect your business by securing your data with our company.

Hosted and on-premise exchange

Choosing the right email solution for your company is important. Emails play a vital role in internal and external communication for your business. We offer hosted and on-premise services where the hardware is physically at your company location. Each has its merit, and you choose according to the specific goals and needs.

Remote Access

Setting up a new business is challenging, but running a business every day without setbacks is even more challenging. But we are here to guide you through every step, big and small. Be it relocation or opening a new site, we will help you plan and implement your business’s technical aspects.

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Some business processes depend on internet services to run smoothly. Any downtime might lead you to lose out on valuable business opportunities. For example, if you delay fulfilling customer’s orders, they may go elsewhere. This is where real-time network monitoring services come into play. We will alert you of even the slightest glitch in your internet or servers. With KMF monitoring your business system, your organization keeps running smoothly.    

Server Virtualization

As your business grows, the need for more servers and other computer hardware increases. But space constraints and costs of running may prove difficult. KMF experts offer you the solution in the form of cloud storage. With server virtualization, you get to grow your software needs but at lowered costs. 

We are the service provider of choice for many in the Hawthorne, New Jersey, area. For insights into your cloud needs, talk to us.

Antivirus solution

Viruses have wreaked havoc on entire networks rendering every computer inoperable. We offer a cloud business management system that we install on every computer. Management of your antivirus is central; hence, we can update your entire network from one location. The number of devices in your network and the type of business you operate determine security intensity. Using this information, we tailor-make your package, meaning you only pay for what you need.

VPN client and gateway implementation

With our VPN client and gateway services, your workers can meet clients and stay connected to the office, and you can have your headquarters working over the same network as the subsidiary offices. This service ensures efficiency in your organization, and the business process runs smoothly.

IT guidance, governance, and planning

Poor planning leads to costly mistakes for any company. We provide consulting on resource allocation for the technology needs of the organization. We have 15 years of experience, and we give you what you need through learning enough about your business to offer the support you need. We enable you to get the most out of your business by avoiding costly mistakes. We assist from beginning to end.

Support services

When you sign a contract with us, we will provide you with all the support your business requires to flourish technology-wise. Does your business need IT service? Feel free to call us for a consultation. We are always happy to help you meet your business goals. As efficient service provider professionals serving many different organizations and users, we offer efficient and effective strategic consulting for each Fairfield, New Jersey project.

We are pleased to offer various locals projects our development and technical infrastructure expertise to benefit the organization, users, and operations within the general local industry.

Our goal is to ensure to keep you connected and improve your performance over time. Our strategic optimization, application, web, and other types of basic services are critical value add to many to work environments in many areas.

We know that we at KMF Technologies deal with various client issues and offer the required support services, applications, build options, and additional care design that would boost your work environment. Find out how we can build out a support partnership that helps you continue your operations in a great way that will last over the long term.

We understand that each client, their customers, employees, and overall environment is different and aim to build out solutions that make the most sense.


Best IT Consultation Services in Hawthorne, New Jersey

KMF Technologies provide a wide variety of services in the IT field for Hawthorne, New Jersey businesses. We offer network security, server virtualization, wireless solutions and much more. Our IT experts can solve all of your technology issues.

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