IT Guidance, Governance & Planning

Business technology is a significant investment, so decisions about how to allocate your company’s resources must be taken seriously. This means consulting knowledgeable professionals who are willing to take the time to learn enough about your business to offer advice tailored to your needs. That’s exactly what you get from KMF Technologies. We draw on more than 15 years of business IT experience to help you make fully informed decisions about how best to meet your technology needs in the short and long term. At KMF, we are determined to help you achieve your business goals. You’ll always get patient explanations in plain English, so you can avoid costly pitfalls and maximize your resources for optimum efficiency.

Common IT mistakes that harm small to medium-sized business

Any time a company decides to allocate resources there are risks as well as opportunities. KMF wants you to have the information you need to tilt the scales in your company’s favor. Unfortunately, leadership that does not get good information often falls prey to costly errors, such as these:

  • Failure to plan — Buying tech assets on an ad hoc basis sets a company up for frustration and failure. A comprehensive plan includes infrastructure, devices, licensed software, security, training, expansion, maintenance, support, and purchase cycles. 
  • Buying cheap equipment — Never skimp on quality. It’s possible to purchase solid tech equipment without breaking the bank, but you’re much better off scaling back our plans and purchasing smaller amounts of reliable equipment than you would be if you bought devices that are going to constantly break down.
  • Skimping on security — Would you buy a million-dollar home without a front door? Always protect your assets. 
  • Operating without a backup — In the tech world, redundancy rules. The cost of backing up your data is nothing compared to the cost of replacing it once it’s lost.
  • Inadequate user training — There’s little point to investing in technology unless your employees can use it. Although there are specific applications workers are expected to be skilled in when they come on the job, many apps require on the job training to get workers up to speed. Such training should be included in your tech budget. 
  • Retaining unqualified support — Downtime is down money. If the consultants you rely on can’t keep your network running, they are not delivering value for your company.
  • Using pirated software — Software licensing can be expensive, but the potential liability for using unlicensed software can be crippling. In the past, companies could get by for years using unlicensed software, but today software producers are able to detect unlicensed use, which means it is simply not worth the risk.

At KMF, we consider it our job to help you avoid these and many other costly missteps so you can get the most out of your tech investment.

Assistance with your tech plan from start to finish

At KMF, we work with clients at every stage of their technology usage. We’re there for startups that need to build their infrastructure and set up their network, as well as for businesses that are changing locations. We work with general contractors to ensure that construction meets your tech requirements, including the ability to grow with your business. If you have an established company and need to optimize your network, we can provide an assessment and an action plan. 

If you want assistance developing a technology plan, we provide guidance and advice on all the necessary elements that make up a successful plan. We are even conversant with the insurance requirements that certain industries, such as insurance and healthcare, must meet when handling secured client data. When you consult KMF Technologies, you get knowledgeable assistance and our deep commitment to your ultimate success.

For reliable guidance on IT governance for your NJ business, Call KMF today!

KMF Technologies is committed to helping our business clients develop and implement technology plans that deliver optimal results. Located in Fairfield, NJ, we assist businesses throughout Essex, Morris, Union, Bergen, Passaic and Hudson counties. To get trustworthy advice and fulfillment related to your technology needs, call us today at 973-997-1470 or contact our Fairfield office online.