NJ Server Virtualization Services

Suppose your company is poised for growth and you are trying to manage it as efficiently as possible. You have allocated resources to increase advertising, add personnel, and improve fulfillment. You know you need additional network resources, but you’d rather not buy a lot of additional hardware, which you don’t have the space for anyway. Welcome to the world of server virtualization! At KMF Technologies, our best server virtualization company uses server virtualization software to create multiple, discrete environments housed on a single server. The result of having server virtualization services is one piece of hardware performing as several. Server Virtualization services are the perfect innovation for companies looking to make their IT resources go farther while controlling costs.

The Advantages Of Server Virtualization Services

American businesses have never faced as much competition as they do today, so it’s never been more important to gain some type of competitive advantage. Server virtualization is one way that a smaller business can keep pace with competitors that are able to draw on greater resources. The advantages of server virtualization services include:

Cost Savings

Your company can get greater performance from its existing server, rather than purchasing new hardware.

Energy Savings

If you’re running fewer servers, you consume less electricity. That’s good for the environment and for your bottom line.

Increased Application Ability

By setting up separate and discrete environments, you can run different operating systems, so you have a wider range of choices when it comes to applications.

Space Savings

Additional servers would have to be housed somewhere. Virtualization allows network expansion without an increased footprint.

Lower IT Costs

Fewer servers require less maintenance.

Greater Agility and Efficiency

Acquiring a new server and getting it up and running can take several days to a few weeks. Adding a virtual server takes only a few minutes.

Our Server virtualization services can even make your backup and disaster recovery more efficient. For all of these reasons and more, a server virtualization is an option worth considering.

When to use server virtualization services for your business

Server virtualization starts to make sense when you are already running five to seven servers. If you already have 10 to 15 servers, you could start to enjoy the advantages immediately. But virtualization requires careful planning. It’s always best to consult a knowledgeable and best server virtualization company IT professional experienced in virtualization. At KMF, you get advice drawn from more than 15 years of IT service for small and medium-sized businesses throughout New Jersey. If virtualization is the right choice for your business, we can set up the virtual environments without having to take your system offline, so you experience no downtime.

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