Hosted and On-Premise Exchange

Email has become an essential mode of internal and external communication for virtually every business. Email allows for almost instantaneous contact and produces a record of communications that is crucial for a variety of purposes. But email, like other tech services, comes in various forms with different functions and capacities. Choosing the right email solution for your business is imperative, and KMF Technologies is ready to help. Drawing on more than 15 years of business IT experience, we can offer your company a range of options based on your specific needs and goals. To get you started, here are some benefits to consider from the two main categories of exchanges: on-premise and hosted.

The advantages of an on-premise
email exchange for your business

On-Premise Exchange means the actual physical server resides onsite at your place of business. You own the server and exercise total control. The advantages of this arrangement include:


You can boost the capacity of the system to accommodate your needs.

No Recurring Fees

Once you have made the initial purchase of the server and necessary software, you are set. This often makes an on-premise exchange less expensive in the long run, especially for larger businesses for which a server purchase makes sense. Of course, hardware does wear down, so you should plan to replace a server every five to seven years.

Increased application ability

By setting up separate and discrete environments, you can run different operating systems, so you have a wider range of choices when it comes to applications.


You can configure everything from the size of your users’ mailboxes to how your backup operates. You can also enhance your system’s compatibility with your email security solution.

Quicker Repairs

Because you exercise complete control over the server and the email environment, if something goes wrong, your IT team manages the fix directly without having to go through intermediaries. This generally means quicker and less costly repairs.

Greater Agility and Efficiency

Acquiring a new server and getting it up and running can take several days to a few weeks. Adding a virtual server takes only a few minutes.

Finally, if your business security plan requires you to store data in-house, you would have to choose an on-premise exchange.

Benefits of a hosted exchange, such as Microsoft 365

With a hosted exchange, you contract with an offsite company to manage your email services. Data is stored in the cloud.  Microsoft 365 is a very popular hosted exchange and one which we trust for our clients. The benefits to a hosted exchange include:

  • Automatic updates — You don’t have to worry about updating your software, since the host company updates the system automatically. This eliminates downtime and frees your IT team to manage other issues.
  • Eliminate costs associated with equipment — You don’t have to invest in a server or repair it when something goes wrong. You don’t have to purchase a new server every five to seven years.
  • Free up office space — Instead of using floor space to house a server, you can dedicate that space to another need.

However, with this option, you do have to pay a licensing fee directly to Microsoft or another host. Monthly or annual payments continue as long as you use the service.

At KMF, we believe it’s vitally important to tailor technology services to our clients’ needs. We offer personalized services that put your concerns first. We answer all your questions thoroughly, in plain English, so you can make a fully informed decision about what’s best for your company.

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