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If you surf the web, you’re familiar with media sites and merchants who request your email address in exchange for access to content or a great deal. Input your email on enough websites, and you’re soon faced with the daily chore of separating real email from the flood of spam that never seems to stop. But while spam is annoying, it’s relatively harmless. The true danger comes from an illegal process known as phishing, where fraudulent emails dressed up to look like trusted sources induce unsuspecting users to take some action, such as clicking on a link, which they will soon regret. Phishing attacks, as we discuss below, can be injurious to targeted individuals, companies and computer networks.

Fortunately, KMF Technologies can help you filter out spam and warn you about suspicious emails you’ll probably want to delete through our quality email filtering solutions. When we manage your email exchange, the flow runs through a filtering service first before reaching your inbox. The email filtering solutions eliminates about 99 percent of all spam and blocks phishing attempts by quarantining suspect emails. Each day, you receive a message listing the emails in quarantine. If you know it’s safe, you then have the option to release the email from quarantine. You can even approve the sender so that future emails from that source flow through the filter and reach you directly.  

Common phishing attacks you need to know about

By now everyone who uses a computer should realize that deposed Nigerian generals are not really seeking help from random Americans to get hundreds of millions of dollars out of their country. Yet, scammers from around the globe continue to run more sophisticated phishing scams. The top threats to businesses today include:

Phishing for Personal Data

You get an email dressed up to look like a corporate or government communication, alerting you that something has gone wrong with your account, application, tax refund, etc. The company or agency wants to help you avoid dire consequences, but cannot act until you confirm your identity. So, you need to cough up a login ID, password, account number or Social Security number, or you face trouble ahead. Of course, if you provide any identifying information, you can expect to be a victim of identity theft in short order.

Phishing with Worms

Some phishing attacks are intended to infect the recipient’s computer and network with malware. The email has a link you must click which then downloads a virus or a worm onto your computer which then spreads throughout the network. Some of these phishing attacks contain ransomware. This malicious code proceeds to encrypt all data on the network, rendering it useless to the company. You can then pay a hefty ransom for the code that releases your data or scrub your network and start over from your backup.

Phishing for Emergency Relief

A common ploy is to hack someone’s personal email, then pretend to be that person. Emails go out to various contacts telling friends of a frightening turn of events. “I’m in London and I was mugged. My credit cards, debit card, all my cash gone. I hate to ask, but could you wire me $1,500 so I can get home?”

Naturally, these scams sound silly and obvious when we explain them, but when an email appears, looking official, and demanding you take action for your own good, you might not immediately think “Scam!” This is especially true when you’re engrossed in your work and make a quick decision about how to respond. To keep your workers and your network safe, let KMF implement an effective email filtering system.

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