Best Corporate Antivirus Solutions In Fairfield, NJ

Since the dawn of the computer age, pranksters, vandals and assorted nogoodniks have sought ways to wreak havoc on computer networks. With the proliferation of personal computers, linked together through the Internet, the public at large learned about self-replicating programs called computer viruses, designed to damage operating systems, applications and data, rendering computers and entire networks inoperable. The economic damage that computer viruses cause annually has been estimated at greater than $10 billion. At KMF Technologies, we are determined to protect our clients from this omnipresent threat with robust and best corporate antivirus solutions for your business network.

Random attacks capitalize on soft targets.

The term virus generally refers to code that requires a host program to latch onto. For example, you might receive a Word document that contains a virus. But there are also worms, which are applications themselves and can replicate and send themselves through computer networks. Finally, there’s the Trojan Horse, programs that claim to be benign but are really designed to damage your computer.


This virus from the 1990s, delivered as an attachment to an email, immediately raided the recipient’s contact list and sent out 50 identical emails, each with a viral attachment. Melissa crashed a number of companies’ email systems and earned its creator a 20-month prison sentence.


This virus disguised as a letter from a secret admirer performed a number of malicious activities, including destroying files, replicating itself throughout the computer, and sending itself out in emails.

Code Red

This virus launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the U.S. government by getting every infected computer to try to contact the White House.


One of the fastest spreading viruses ever, MyDoom launched DDoS attacks against Microsoft, SCO, Google and other hi-tech companies.

Storm Worm

This malicious program turned computers in zombies under a hacker’s control. The hacker was able to use Storm Worm to create a bot army to launch attacks on specific targets.

Malicious actors who create and release viruses sometimes have specific targets in mind: government entities and large corporations. But often their attacks are random and widespread. In other words, even if no one in the world has a grudge against you, you are a target simply because you operate a computer.  And you’re a greater target if you have not built up your defenses. That’s where KMF comes in. We harden your defenses by the best corporate antivirus solutions, so the bad guys have to take their business elsewhere, and you’re left alone to conduct yours.

Robust antivirus protection for your business network

We offer a business cloud management solution that we install in every computer. Should any of your devices be compromised with any level of threat, we are notified. We then use our best judgment to determine whether the network is safe and proactively call you with an assessment of the situation and possible action we must take. Since we manage your antivirus solution centrally, we can update your entire network at once from one location. Timely updates are vitally important, because the bad guys are constantly refining their attacks, and we need to keep you at least one step ahead. 

In addition, we can provide a gateway antivirus, which affords protection to any device connected on your network. This level of antivirus protection also includes:

  • Intrusion Prevention — This protection denies unauthorized access to hackers seeking to lift your data or otherwise do your company harm.
  • Anti-Spyware — These viruses don’t damage your network, but they enable a hacker to obtain information about your computer activities. Our solutions detect covert surveillance of your business that compromises your security.
  • Anti-Adware — Adware is a software application that displays advertisements while users employ their Web browser. Some adware provides the user’s private information to advertisers.
  • Country location blocking — Many malware attacks are state sponsored. If you’re not doing business in China or Russia, there’s no reason to allow access to agents of these countries, who are generally up to no good.

The level of security you need depends on many factors, including the number of devices on your network and the type of business you’re engaged in. KMF tailors antivirus solutions to fit your needs, so you only pay for what you need and can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re fully protected.

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