Wireless Solutions

It’s been more than a century since Guglielmo Marconi conceived of wireless telegraphy and set us on the path to where we are today with ubiquitous wireless communication. And we couldn’t be more grateful. Because, let’s face it, wires are awful. They’re ugly to look at, they’re confusing whenever more than two of them get together, they get tangled far too easily, they trip people unapologetically, and they keep us tethered when we want to be on the move. So, if you disdain wires as much as we do, you’re going to love the wireless solutions offered by KMF Technologies. With more than 15 years of service to small and medium-sized businesses in New Jersey, we have the knowledge to help you choose the appropriate wireless solutions for your company and to manage your wireless network so you can enjoy continuous communication even at long range.

Advantages of wireless networks
for your New Jersey business.

Companies operating in today’s hyper-competitive environment need every advantage.
A fully integrated and centrally managed wireless network offers numerous benefits, which include:

Reduced Installation Costs

Whether you are moving into a new space or upgrading your old facility, installing wireless throughout your physical plant is much less costly in terms of materials and labor than laying wires throughout the building.


When you need to call your teams together, it’s not always possible or preferable to have a docking station for every laptop. Wifi allows your workers to use their computers away from their workstations. This makes your meetings far more productive.

Access Throughout your Facility

Wherever you find yourself throughout your plant, you can instantly access important data. So, there’s no running back to your desk. Eliminating these delays further boosts productivity. KMF can even extend your network out of doors, so workers enjoying a bit of sun on a fair day can still stay connected.

Remote Access

If you rely on offsite workers, such as a sales team or independent contractors, they can easily access the company network to log their activity, check the office calendar, read and respond to emails, answer customer queries, and retrieve essential information. Whether connecting from a hotel room or a client’s office, your employees can log in to the company network and conduct business with ease.


Many businesses, especially those that manage their own distribution, benefit greatly from GPS technology. GPS allows workers to track deliveries, choose the most efficient routes and even find the best gas prices. This is an essential tool for any business that relies on transportation to make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

KMF utilizes proven, high-end products for all of our wireless solutions. Once we get the system up and running, we can manage all products from a central location. This means we can update firmware and settings in one location. We also receive alerts if any device goes offline, so we can respond immediately to remedy the situation. But most importantly, you get personalized attention from seasoned IT professionals who are focused on your needs and are determined to provide the tools you need to achieve your business goals.

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