Professional Network Security Consulting Services In New Jersey

It may sound cynical or even paranoid, but it’s unfortunately true that if you own a computer, a network or a website, you are a target for attack. There are bad actors out there who are ready to hack your system for profit or just for the kicks they get by sowing chaos. This means your business could lose data, including your carefully guarded trade secrets and client records, and have your system rendered inoperable. What’s worse, you could be held civilly liable for a breach that compromises customers’ information, such as their credit card numbers. To address these threats and others, you need robust network security consulting services from KMF Technologies, i.e., the best network security solutions company.

The most important network requirement you are currently overlooking

At KMF, i.e., your network security solutions company, consider network security to be the most important service we offer, but too often our clients see it as a luxury. We get that. Our network security solutions company knows you’re not Fort Knox. But you are guarding valuable proprietary information that hackers would love to seize. And, if you’re a soft target, you’re exactly the mark that malicious individuals and agents of rogue states are looking for. There are serious consequences to a network breach, which our network security solutions company is determined to help you avoid. Our network security consulting services include:

  • Multi-levels of antivirus protection — Keep your system free of malware with our best corporate antivirus solutions and advanced antivirus software, frequently updated to stay ahead of the threat.
  • Email filtering solutions — Protect your workforce from phishing attacks by removing suspicious emails from their boxes.
  • Backups and disaster recovery — When an attack destroys valuable data, complete recovery is possible, sometimes within minutes.

If you own a business, you no doubt instill in your employees the importance of “safety first.” Our security solutions allow you to place that same emphasis on your network.

The greatest threats to cyber security

Computer networks face a variety of threats that are getting more sophisticated all the time.
Your network could be vulnerable to:

Computer Viruses and Worms

These destructive software programs are designed to infect systems, destroying data and rendering networks inoperable.


Hackers use networks of compromised computers to launch attacks on a wide scale, sometimes overwhelming and crashing the targeted website.

Distributed Denial of Service

A common attack against businesses, DDoS attacks seek to overwhelm servers with requests for data so they can no longer operate. Such an attack can be ruinous for an online retailer.

Advanced Persistent Threats

APT uses various means to surreptitiously place code within a computer network, which lies there silently, all the time stealing crucial company data.

Drive-by Download Attacks

This form of attack allows malicious code to be downloaded from a website through a browser, app, or integrated operating system without the user’s knowledge.


Conducted through phony emails that resemble trusted sources, phishing attacks induce users to take some action that allows the hacker to access logins, passwords, credit card credentials, and other types of personal financial information.


This type of cyber attack uses malware to seize company data and hold it hostage, threatening to destroy it, unless the company pays a high ransom.

Using advanced protocols, we can control the flow of data in and out of your system and eliminate threats before they do damage. We regularly update network devices to the vendor’s specifications to eliminate any security threats and enhance the performance of your network.

Contact our network security solutions company to secure your company’s computer network.

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