Real-Time Network Monitoring

When something goes wrong with your computer network, the financial consequences happen in real time. Your workers can’t communicate with each other, so your business processes grind to a halt. Customers can’t place new orders, track existing orders or contact customer service. Visitors to your website get an immediate negative impression and turn somewhere else for products or services. If you need materials or supplies, good luck. And the longer your network is down, the more problems pile up and the greater the cost.

That’s why you need real-time network monitoring, a service that keeps your IT team — KMF Technologies — up to speed with issues, so we can correct them before they become problems. Real-time network monitoring is the cyber safety net your company needs to protect your investment in your Internet presence and your online business processes. When a reliable IT company like KMF performs real-time network monitoring, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on producing and delivering great products or services.

How real-time network
monitoring works

Real-time network monitoring is a diagnostic tool that looks for changes in the performance of your Internet host and/or private server. It’s like taking the pulse, blood pressure and oxygen levels of your system on a continuous basis. But instead, the real-time network monitoring solutions we set up watch over your CPU utilization, bandwidth utilization, and other essential aspects of the operation. If the monitoring system detects a change, such as the Internet provider slowing down or going offline, we receive an alert that allows us to respond. We inform you of the problem immediately and answer any of your questions or concerns.

If your company has its own server, we get an alert when there is a change in its status. We know instantly if any part is wearing down or malfunctioning, and we can immediately take action.

Real-time monitoring is a vital tool that allows your IT team to be proactive in resolving any issues. When trouble arises, the solution is often as simple as making a call to the Internet provider. Many times, we can trouble shoot the issue and resolve it before you are even aware there’s a problem.

Advantages to real-time network monitoring

When KMF performs real-time monitoring of your network, your business has an extra layer of security. The many benefits of this service include:

Fewer business interruptions

When your network sputters and stalls, it’s as if your business is being held hostage by the very tools that are supposed to facilitate operations. Real-time monitoring reduces downtime, so you can achieve the goals you’ve set for your company.

Greater worker productivity

When your workers have all the tools they need at their disposal, they are better able to do the job. When the network slows down, so do your workers. When service interruptions happen too often, your workers either become frustrated or get the idea that productivity is not a priority for the company. But a high-functioning network allows you to build an industrious company culture focused on success.

Protection for your brand

No matter what goods or services you provide, your image as a reliable source is an important company asset. When clients or customers cannot access your website or contact your business, your image suffers. Loyal customers may decide to check out your competition, and suddenly your working to preserve, rather than expand, your customer base. On the other hand, a network that’s up and running 24/7 presents your business in a favorable light that leads to customer retention and growth.

Cost-effective price

Because real-time monitoring is fully automated, the cost is affordably scaled to the size of your operation. You get big protection at a low price point.

For businesses that rely in computer networks, real-time monitoring is an essential service, and KMF is the company you can trust to deliver.

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