VPN Client and Gateway Implementation

On the one hand, you want your workers out meeting with clients. But on the other hand, you want them in close contact with the home office. There was a time when businesses couldn’t have it both ways, but with today’s technology, you can. The same holds true for branch offices or subsidiary companies. You want them fully integrated with your headquarters, and that requires them to operate over the same network. Fortunately, the Internet makes all this possible, but there are security risks to using that mode of communication, which is open to the general public. That’s where virtual private network technology (VPN) comes in. With VPN Client and VPN Gateway, your remote communications remain private. With VPN implementation from KMF Technologies, it’s like you’ve never left the office.

Basics of VPN connections for your business

To understand how VPN technology works, here are a few terms to understand:


Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology used to establish an encrypted link between your company’s web server and a remote browser. The encryption ensures that all data passing between the server and browser remains private. To operate, your web server needs an SSL Certificate and a private key. 

VPN Gateway

This is the asset that allows a device to search for access through the VPN Gateway to establish an encrypted connection. 

VPN Gateway

This is the asset that allows a device to search for access through the VPN Gateway to establish an encrypted connection. 

How VPN technology can work for your company

Here are a couple of scenarios that demonstrate how VPN works in business situations. First, imagine you have a salesforce that you need out in the field. To quickly confirm orders and begin fulfillment, you require your salespersons to log in to the company server and submit their orders electronically using a software application. The devices your salespersons use remotely are equipped with VPN Client, so they can access the Gateway and submit their orders over a secure connection.

Now consider a business with multiple branch offices, each with their own servers. You want the business to be fully integrated so that each office can share another’s resources. VPN can connect you to each other’s servers, printers, and other connected assets.

Whether you are looking to make client-to-site or site-to-site connections, the knowledgeable IT professionals at KMF can provide the reliable service you need precisely scaled to your operations.

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